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Please find below a video on how to get your road angel pure ready for use:

Road Angel Pure FAQ’s

FAQ’s Q. How long will it take for my PURE to be ready to use?

A. The very first time you turn on your new PURE it will take approximately 15 minutes to get a lock on to GPS and our servers, but don’t worry, it will only take this long the very first time.

Q. How do I configure the settings on my PURE?

A. Having downloaded the Road Angel App to your smart phone, you will be able to Wi-Fi-hotspot between your PURE and your Apple or Android smartphone to personalise the settings on your PURE. When you have set up your device to your preferences, save the settings and disconnect. Your PURE will now have all your preferences saved. You can also configure this via a PC or MAC Client via

Q. How do I mount my PURE into my car?

A. Your PURE comes with a Wireless Charging Dash Mount, and the bottom of the mount contains an adhesive pad. Peel back the film on the pad and affix to a suitable place on your dashboard. Alternatively, if you are using the windscreen mount, affix the windscreen mount to a suitable viewing angle, be sure not to obstruct you’re driving view. TIP. If you’re having your PURE professionally fitted, or hardwired into your car, your fitter or installer will do all the work for you and place the PURE in the place most suitable for you.

Q. I need my device fitting to my vehicle, who can I call? A. Please call us directly 0330 320 3030 to organise a mobile installer who will come to you! Q. How do I purchase a subscription to go with my PURE?

A. To purchase a subscription, please call our offices on 0330 320 3030 where one of our Angels will be happy to help. *If you already have an active subscription, please call our team who will happily activate this for you*.

Q. I want to quickly find out my subscription end date, is this possible?

A. When your PURE is connected to your smartphone, your subscription information will be displayed on the PURE app under “unit Data” it will give you the date on which your subscription ends and needs to be renewed.

Q. How long will the battery last?

A. The pure battery will last an average of 4/5 hours.

Q. How long should I charge the unit?

A. Charge the unit for no more than 12 hours, please see the battery level indication.

Q. I don’t have a smartphone, how do I configure the device?

A. you can configure the device using the Mac or Window PC Client.